“Sonam was incredible. She did an excellent job at engaging the entire audience, all while running the session virtually. We have already had a plethora of requests asking Sonam to come and run a session again.”

“Sonam ran an amazing session on different tips and tricks on how to manage stress. Each of these has been tried and tested by Sonam so we knew that they were going to work. Thank you Sonam!”

“The way Sonam was explaining things was very relaxing, it put me at ease.”

“Please ask Sonam to come back and run another session, She was incredible!”

Various Attendee's


Every month I look forward to a new workshop, as I take away so much from them and it really helps me. I think as I’m naturally such an anxious, worried and stressed person, workshops like yours are so beneficial. I’d like to just express my gratitude to you and say thank you so much for helping me to find ways of managing with my emotions when my anxiety has been so unbearable, and for your workshops that you put so much time into preparing for us alongside your full-time job. Your workshops have helped me massively with the experience and knowledge that you have and I’m sure many others would agree too.


Workshop Attendee

Thank you for delivering the Communication Workshop to my senior management recently. The feedback was very good, the detail in relation to starting conversations with the right intentions, navigating dialogue and managing emotions the team found most useful. The way you broke down and simplified how to do this in the most effective and easiest way was excellent. I can see the difference in the team already in relation to their communication skills and this is solely down to the workshop you delivered. We will be using you again in the future. Thank you for your support and guidance. Would definitely recommend you to colleagues and other business professionals.


Managing Director, Caring Care

Mind, Body & Sonam

I am here to support your personal development and management of stress, whilst helping you realise how much your lived experience has to offer others facing their own unique blend of challenges. I want to create a community where we can learn, grow and share knowledge together. A place where we support one another to truly become the best versions of ourselves.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to message me on my Instagram page and I would love to respond and help.

Sending you love and light,