Whether we like it or not, communication lies at the heart of everything we do. 

More importantly, the strength of our communication skills influences our success at work, at home, and in our relationships.

In our experience, everyone believes they are great communicators. Spoiler alert!  Most aren’t. 

In our overly connected, over-scheduled worlds, we all have everything BUT real-time, face to face conversations – especially if conflict, or the possibility of conflict, is involved. 

We have learned that people feel real-time conversations take too long, are uncontrollable, and require actually talking to someone. Face to face. In real-time. It’s 2020, who wants to do that?

Email, SMS, and social media are now the go-to forms of communication as they are faster, controllable, and done in the comfort of our solitude. 

Especially when conflict, or the feeling of conflict, is involved, they are the preferred modes of contacting people. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Here are 10 communication skills that you need for life and work. Practice these and you will not only enhance the quality of your conversations, but you will also improve your relationships, leadership style, and life in general. And who doesn’t want that!?

With that being said, here are our 10 communication tips for everyday life!

1. Be Present

2. Actively Listen

3. ‘Listen’ to Non-Verbal Cues

4. Choose How To Listen (i.e Your most powerful choice is to Focus-On-Understanding)

5. Be Open And Impartial To Create Empathy

6. Paraphrase

7. Ask Open Questions

8. Test Assumptions

9. Calm Your Gremlins 

10. Stay calm 

And finally, and very importantly, keep a journal! We can’t stress this enough!! 

The Speaker’s Journal is the perfect personal development tool to keep track of all your important day to day conversations, presentations and interactions so you can learn from these and be empowered. Doing this will lead to explosive personal growth, confidence and incredible self belief overtime! 

It’s time to turn that dial up and never look back. Success awaits you. 

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