Mind, Body & Sonam

Mind, Body & Sonam


My name is Sonam and I’m a qualified stress management consultant. Life is so challenging at times with so many things competing for our time and attention, we must take extra care to prioritise our health and ensure we pursue a path of happiness and meaning.

My aim is to help others create a more calm and balanced life through the power of small mindful habits that are easy to stick to. Once we learn some mindful habits, tips and rituals we can really begin to enjoy everyday life more, embrace the beauty it has to offer and achieve our goals.

Stress Management


I spent many years struggling with stress and anxiety, and I was completely unable to become the person I wanted to be. I have spent years implementing new methods and techniques that I learned in therapy, through training and personal research that have empowered me to live life in a more calm and balanced way. These skills have had a transformative impact on my quality of life and I now really want to share them with you!

Mind, Body & Sonam

I host a range of different workshops that help guide you through many proven methods and techniques so that you can incorporate them within your own daily life. I try and make the theory easy to understand, but my real focus is on practical application. I care deeply about helping you clear a path towards a better life by turning commitments in to promises, and small changes in to lasting habits.

“Thank you so much for such a great session.  I feel like all of this is helping me with my current journey so much and is making me extremely positive about the future. Thank you again and hope I can join you in the future for more workshops”

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the session you did about stress management, I found it so informative and it has really changed my perspective on life. I am looking forward to putting it to use”.

“What a great session. thank you so much @mindbodysonam for being so honest and also sharing such fab tips on stress management which are so practical and I can use straight away”

“A super helpful stress management session with @mindbodysonam – I’ve taken away some really useful tips to implement”.

” I just wanted to say how insightful, eye opening and amazing your workshop was. It’s one of the first workshops I’ve done of yours and I honestly learnt so much, especially when it comes to internal dialogue”

The Blog

Here you will find my blog posts relating to mindfulness, wellness and wellbeing. They have been written by various amazing people who have really helped and inspired me through my life. Grab a nice drink, get cosy and have a good read!



Mind, Body & Sonam